Random Deets Stats for August 2007

All based on August 2007 stats:

Top-5 Restaurant Searches that drove traffic to The Deets

1. Busters on 28th
2. Merlin’s Rest
3. Town Talk Diner
4. Caribou Coffee
5. Cosi Cafe

Top-5 Names that Drove Traffic to The Deets

1. Noelia
2. Larry Craig
3. Ed Kohler
4. David Blane
5. Tay Zonday

Top-5 Longest Phrases Driving Traffic to The Deets

1. accenture halliburton outsourcing or outsource billion or million
2. “i now pronounce you” gay marriage pronouncement sample
3. “reader voices strong opinion on atheists” “alice shannon”
4. harry’s food and cocktails restaurant review , minneapolis
5. armed robberies at coffee shops and fast food restaurants

States that visited The Deets (apparently, Montana was offline in August):

No Internet in Montana?

Traffic from BenCredible.com over the past year. Remember when he used to boast about the traffic he sent to The Deets?

Traffic from BenCredible.com

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