How to Publish Videos to a WordPress Blog: Blogging Tip #2

One thing that causes some frustration for new WordPress blog users is figuring
out how to include videos in their blog posts.

There are two popular ways to do this: upload a file to the server for direct
download and viewing, or embedding a video that’s hosted elsewhere in a Flash

The biggest challenge with direct download videos is compatibility. For example,
files uploaded as .wmv files may be tricky for Mac users to play, and Quicktime
files may cause issues for some Windows users. Because of this, Flash video has
become very popular since it’s close to universally playable. For example,
YouTube videos use Flash.

If you choose the direct download method, you’ll need to upload the videos to
somewhere on the web such as your own server. Most blog platforms do now support
video uploads today, so you may have to use an FTP program to transfer your
video file. One exception to this is Blogger, but it will be reformatted as
Flash for publication.

Once uploaded, all you need to do is create a link to your video file for
download. It’s probably worth providing both a Windows and Mac version of the
file for your viewers.

Assuming you choose Flash instead (recommended), the easiest way to go here is
to upload your video to a video hosting service that will convert it to Flash on
your behalf and give you a snippet of code to insert into your post.

Backing up for a second, if you’re currently using a rich text editor to write
blog posts (aka a WYSIWYG editor) consider disabling it. For example, here is
how you’d disable it on WordPress. Click Users > Authors & Users >
Edit User and uncheck the “User the visual editor when writing”:

Turn Off Visual Editor in WordPress

The rich text editor will wreak havoc with your video code. It may take some
getting used to looking at HTML code rather than the rich text version of posts.
It may take a bit to get used to this, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Now, assuming you’ve quickly made the adjustment to a non-WYSYIWYG lifestyle,
here is how you post a video from YouTube (and most other video sites) into your
blog posts. Go to YouTube, look for the Embed code to the right of the video:

YouTube Video Embed

Copy that code and paste it into your blog post. If you’d like the video to be
centered, put the embed code inside the following tags

Questions? Let me know in the comments.

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