GetHomeFree Prepaid Taxi Rides

Check this out. There is a new service in the Twin Cities called that sells prepaid taxi rides.

Apparently, is has a dispatcher phone number on it and it’s good for a ride to anywhere in the 7 county metro area. The cards are $64.99, so pretty pricey for, say, people living in the city who’ve had too much to drink downtown. However, it might make sense for getting some Burnsville, Wayzata or Stillwater folks home safely.

This seems like something that could be sold with fear. Scare the crap out of parents about their kids drinking at parties. Bam! $64.99 in the bank.

Now kids will leave the house with their cell phone’s ringers on so their helicopter parents can get in touch with them at any moment. And with GetHomeFree card in their wallet.

4 thoughts on “GetHomeFree Prepaid Taxi Rides”

  1. Not just $64.99 in the bank, but $64.99 with the interest from investments and savings in THEIR account, not yours. Plus, the possibility that you don’t use their service, making them even more porfit.

    Seems like the whole gift card model applied to taxis. Shrewd, but only if people are sucker enough to fall for it.

    I’ll come off sounding self-righteous here, but a prepaid drunk cab is not a consumer with foresight. It’s enabling. A consumer with foresight would either establish a DD ahead of time, or have the foresight not to drive somewhere and get wasted.

  2. Good idea, Aliecat. That will be $64.99.

    Maybe I should let Carly know that drunk girls will be calling me late at night looking for rides home from bars?

    For times when people don’t have Mike N’s foresight, I’d like to see more downtown parking where you can leave your car overnight. For example, I got a parking ticket one time after leaving my car downtown for the night. I went in and explained that I took a cab home and got it waived, but there should be an easier way to do this.

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