MySpace the Best Choice for Bands

This may seem pretty obvious, but it really hit home with me tonight: most bands should use MySpace as their primary online communications platform.

Why? Because it’s simply too hard to create what MySpace already has in place.

That, and the fact that most musicians don’t seem to have experts on building web communities as friends. They’re more likely to have designers as friends who can build beautiful web sites that the band has no idea how to update. That’s kind of a big deal when your fans are looking for information on upcoming concerts, new CD releases, etc.

MySpace really is the ultimate band site, with easy to blogs, bulletins, community building, an RSS feed, photos, videos, and song samples. Recreating that from scratch would take a lot of work, and it wouldn’t provide easy access to the fans who are already on MySpace.

Of course, there is one big advantage to building something independent of MySpace: Access to Facebook and other audiences beyond MySpace’s walls. And MySpace tends to be very stingy with the content you contribute to their site, so don’t expect to be able to easily retrieve your own content should you choose to more to Facebook or your own site in the future.

Ah, crap. I may have just talked myself out of using MySpace as a band platform.

I think what bands need is a resource for helping them find band-specific web developers who can build the right type of site for them so they won’t get trapped into something like MySpace or an underpowered site built by a friend.

Any thoughts?

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