State Filter for Dyestat Track Talk

Hey running geeks.

I put together a filter for Dyestat Track Talk that allows you to filter down the results to stuff that interests you for your RSS reader. For example, you could filter it down to just MN related content by subscribing to this URL.

Find out more here.

And more on how this is done over at Technology Evangelist.

I tried doing this for Let’s Run, but the site is too ancient to support this type of content delivery.

2 thoughts on “State Filter for Dyestat Track Talk”

  1. You’re assuming running geeks are also computer geeks. Am I caveman here? Am I the lasst holdout? What the fuck is an RSS reader? How do the internets work anyway. What is myface all about anyway?

  2. Good point, Luddite.

    RSS is a way to subscribe to sites like blogs. Go to and set up an account. Once you’ve done that, click the Add link on the left column and paste in you favorite blog’s URL. Google Reader will pull in the 10 or so most recent posts and in the future, pull in new posts when they’re published.

    This is how I track your blog since I’d be too depresswe by going there daily in hope of finding new posts.

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