Health Priorities Realized

The Pioneer Press has a great profile of a guy who turned his health around by going from a gout stricken 270+ pound fast food eating, soda pounding sedentary dude to a marathon trainer:

Marathon soda drinker becomes marathon runner

“I also ate a lot of fast food. It’s mainly because of my job (as a building maintenance worker). I didn’t have time to grab something decently prepared. I would just get a Big Mac or a Whopper. And I always got the fries – usually the supersize fries.

“The gout, turning 40 and family history (male longevity in my family isn’t very long) just made me think about losing weight. I let my body go too far. I want to be there for my kids, Ronald, 7, and Tessa, 4.

What gets me is his comment that he “didn’t have time to grab something decently prepared.” That obviously wasn’t really the case since he since found time to train for a marathon. However, I think that statement is a common statement made by people who aren’t taking good enough care of their bodies.

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