Follow Customers, Not Technology

Bruce Nussbaum made a great point in a post about big ad agencies steering big businesses toward technically interesting sites that may be a bit too far ahead of the customers to warrant serious marketing efforts today. Things like Second Life and (in my opinion to a lesser degree) Facebook are certainly new opportunities for advertising, but are probably a bit ahead of the curve.

Are Big Ad Agencies So Clueless That Corporations Should Avoid Them?

Bottom line here is that many big ad agencies are making a huge mistake. They are pushing their corporate clients to chase technology, not their consumers. And if there is anything we know about the world we live in today, you must be one with your customers because your customers demand to be participants in your product/service/experience/brand. For example, sending big b2b companies who sell to 45-year-old men and women to FaceBook or Second Life is just nutty.

I think this happens because new techie initiatives are sexy and sex sells.

And let’s face it: no agency has ever won an award for training people on how to read and participate in other people’s blogs. Where the customers are.

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