The Failures of Extreme Bocce

It’s not always easy to be introspective, so it was great to hear Brendon Etter open up with: Explanations for Why My New Professional Extreme Bocce Ball League Was Unsuccessful

It’s an insightful list we can all learn from. I found lesson #6 particularly valuable:

6. Looking back on it, the alligators should not have been allowed onto the course during regular season games.

3 thoughts on “The Failures of Extreme Bocce”

  1. Dear Ed,

    Thank you for kindly highlighting my Extreme Bocce Ball post. I sincerely hope, if we can get the word out to more people, that the world can learn from my lawnsport-related failure.

    More needn’t die.

    With Remorse,
    Brendon Etter
    Northfield, MN

  2. Dear Ed,

    I also added two more points that I’ve recently recalled as probably not the most positive for the future of the PEBBL.

    Brendon Etter
    Northfield, MN

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