New Flickr Web Uploader is a Giant Leap Forward

Flickr has finally gotten around to improving their web based photo uploader.

The previous one was so bad, I would download the client based uploader to friend’s computers in order to upload more than 2-3 photos. You had to click, browse, and select photo after photo one at a time, which was extraordinarily painful. And well behind what can be done on the web today.

The new web based uploadr allows users to select multiple images at once using Ctrl-click:

Flickr Web Uploadr

Before transferring the images, some batch settings can be applied to the images:

Flickr Web Uploadr

They’re then batch uploaded with a well designed status animation showing the progress of each photo:

Flickr Web Uploadr

Once uploaded, additional titles, descriptions, and tags can be added:

Flickr Web Uploadr

It’s great to see this new feature from Flickr. This is among the best web based upload tools I’ve seen, although it still falls short of Facebook’s photo uploader, which I personally consider the best on the web today. Facebook does the best job of showing photo previews and makes selecting individual photos from a folder very simple.

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