Fat Blogging: The Latest In-Thing in Blogging

Have you heard of fat blogging? It’s a way to hold yourself accountable for your dieting goals by blogging your current weight and progress. As I understand it, dot.com entrepreneur Jason Calacanis came up with the concept, and has personally lost 22 pounds since he started:

185 — or four things I’ve learned about losing weight.

Haven’t been fatblogging, but have been losing weight. This past week I weighed in between 183 and 186. Today, 185. I’m down from 207 a year ago and losing 20 pounds, I can honestly say, is one of the best things I’ve done in years.

That’s a great post where he outlines what he’s learned about his own struggles with weight.

It’s strange. People feel comfortable sharing some goals with their audience, such as plans to buy a new house, vacations, etc. while other things are generally off limits: financial and weight goals. What’s strange about this is it’s really the latter goals that will have the largest impact on one’s quality of life. Yet they don’t deserve the same level of visibility and accountability given more materialistic goals? ‘sup with that?

Which reminds me: August’s 30-day challenge is no beer. My last beer was before midnight on the 31st of July in San Francisco, so technically August 1st CST, which is something I’ll keep in mind on September 1st.

I’ve pretty much given up high fructose corn syrup since doing that for a 30-day challenge earlier this year. There is the occasional exception for Powerade, which I prefer over Gatorade since they don’t put the stupid seal Gatorade putsover the top of the bottle that I can never get off. Since I only drink the stuff on long rides, I think I’m justified.

3 thoughts on “Fat Blogging: The Latest In-Thing in Blogging”

  1. Dude, check your Google calendar: Groveland Tap’s Summit Summer Celebration, Aug. 21… hello? $1 pints of Summit.

    Tell me you’re not going with Kyle and I just for the $0.25 buffalo wings. Acutally, tell me you are and can sober-drive.

  2. You know, you can avoid the annoying seal AND save packaging by buying powdered Gatorade or Powerade. 2 birds. 1 stone.

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