Cheap Point and Shoot Video Options

I ran into my good friend Mark Eibner at the Inman Connect conference in San Diego at the blogger party thrown by Mark was shooting some videos with people attending, including me, using an RCA EZ201 Small Wonder point and shoot video camera.

He took the footage he shot, uploaded it to JumpCut
(the Small Wonder has a USB jack, so you can plug the camera directly into a computer) and threw a title into the video before publishing it to his blog.

I had my Canon SD800 IS point and shoot camera in my back pocket, so I whipped that out and captured a short shot of Mark interviewing John McKnight from

For comparison’s sake, I uploaded and edited my clip using Jumpcut too. Jumpcut is a free online video editing service owned by Yahoo that allows you to upload video, edit clips, add audio, titles, and effects, then publish to your website, blog, etc.

Here is my Danon SD800 IS shot, JumpCut edited video of one of Mark’s interviews:

The Small Wonder retails for just over $100, and does one thing very well. But that’s all it does. For example, it doesn’t shoot still photos. The Canon SD800 IS currently retails for around $300, and is great as both a camera and an on the go video camera.

JumpCut is an easy to use video editing tool that offers most common editing features. However, you’re locked into the service, so videos created on JumpCut will reside on JumpCut. Yes, you can post them to other sites and email them, but they’ll use the JumpCut player. A better option, in my opinion, is to edit videos on your computer, store a local copy, then upload the video to the service (or services) of your choice.

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