Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Pushing in the window AC? Not the most discrete burglar.

100 blk 15th Av NE: Suspect entered home by pushing in AC unit, victim fled home; witnesses observed suspect, chased him; suspect fled down the street to bar with victim’s loss; suspect fled bar to another home, crawled into attic to hide behind insulation; Fire Dept responded with ladder; officers used taser to apprehend suspect: Arrested/BURGLARY

5 thoughts on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. Perusing Central American blogs? Sounds like fun. Planning a trip to Belize or something?

    It’s great to see that post from 20 months ago still getting some action.

  2. So not only does this moron get himself all itchy hiding in insulation, but he gets zapped with a TASER, too.

    What a moron.

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