Stilwater’s Gondola Ride Has a 100% Proposal Success Record

In a story WCCO’s Bill Hudson did on a gondola (the water kind) service, the gondolier mentions having a 100% success record on engagements from proposals (over 100 of them) aboard the boat:

There’s a special beauty on the river near Stillwater, Minn. that’s best seen by boat. It’s a place where some boats make it even more special because the vessels themselves are so lovely and rare.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of a gondola service in Stillwater. Luckily, that didn’t stop me from closing the deal with Carly.

The gondola service is called Gondola Romantica, so they have a name to live up to.

2 thoughts on “Stilwater’s Gondola Ride Has a 100% Proposal Success Record”

  1. I’m always thinking of the next business idea…..can you say, “Gondola Erotica”?? C’mon….there’s got to be something to this. The gondolier just has to promise to look the other way.

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