Blue States Have Higher Home Values for a Reason

The Zillow Blog points out that homes are more expensive in blue states than red, reinforcing the fact that educated people prefer living near each other:

Red vs Blue States
All Politics is Local: Blue States Beat Out Red States in Home Values

According to Zillow’s Zindex (median Zestimate or the middle estimated home value), the Red states (pro-Bush) have substantially lower home values than do Blue states (pro-Kerry). Red states had a Zindex of $190,323 vs. a Zindex of $323,952 for the Blue states as of the first quarter of 2007 (see Table 1 for details by state). In other words, while Red states were on the winning side of the election, the Blue states are on the winning side in terms of real estate values, and by a substantial amount.

But does this apply at the state level?

I found this chart of median home prices by county for the state of Minnesota State Demographer’s site:

Median Home Prices by County - Minnesota
Looks like it.

Would it be unfair to generalize by saying that smart people who make a lot of money tend to live in blue states?

One thought on “Blue States Have Higher Home Values for a Reason”

  1. Not at all. Dumb god crusading, flag waving, mouth breathing a**holes live in the red states.

    And I think that high home values are a double edged sword, btw.. Good if you own a home, sucks if you don’t but want to.

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