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Athlinks.com is Pretty Darn Cool

Athlinks.com is a social networking site for endurance athletes.

Basically, it’s a registry of race results where you can claim your own race results and track them over time. Then you can “friend” your fellow racing friends to make it easy to track each other’s performance.

If you do races, you’re in the system whether you claim your results or not. For example, here’s what they have on Carly.

I claimed myself, and have a whopping 2 races in their system (my most recent TC & Grandma’s Marathon), but I’m retired.

2 thoughts on “Athlinks.com is Pretty Darn Cool”

  1. It appears my retirement is more effective than yours as I have no results listed…however there are about 20 results with my name (turns out I’m not the only one, go figure), so I think I’ll claim the 2:52 that ‘I’ ran in the 2006 Dublin Marathon.

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