Top Breakfast Spots

Alex at Twin Cities Breakfast Club breaks down his top-5 breakfast spots with:

1. Barbette
2. Town Talk
3. Maria’s Cafe
4. Day by Day Cafe
5. A Baker’s Wife

Seems like a solid list to me. Personally, I’d find a way to get Birchwood Cafe into the mix, and I’d be willing to bump Day by Day or A Baker’s Wife to make it happen. Day by Day is top-10 but not top-5 material. I’d put a Blue Plate restaurant in the top-5 as well. Probably the Longfellow Grill based on their breakfast burrito.

Anyone up for breakfast tomorrow?

7 thoughts on “Top Breakfast Spots”

  1. Man I love breakfast, I could eat pancakes and breakfast burritos all day long!

    When the wife and I go out we typically go to one of three places – Longfellow Grill, Hot Plate, or The Bad Waitress.

  2. The Egg & I was my first breakfast love… I laughed, I cried, I wanted more.

  3. I’m not a big fan of Day by Day or the Baker’s Wife. I like the top three though. EGG & I, the Louisiana Grill franchise, or any of the Blue Platers could make my list.

  4. I love lists. I like a couple of these breakfast spots, but my personal top 5 list includes:

    1) Birchwood Cafe
    2) Cafe Barbette
    3) Zumbro Cafe
    4) Longfellow Grill
    5) Trotter’s Cafe & French Meadow Bakery
    I can’t decide on Trotter’s vs. French Meadow, so they are tied for #5, although I realize this is actually a top 6 list now.

  5. Thanks for the hat tip, Ed. Regarding breakfast, my own list would go like this:

    1) Lucia’s Bakery — The ham and cheese crepe is simple and superb. Also: best croissant in town.

    2) Original Pancake House (Edina) — OPH is all class and a lot of great home-style pancakes and waffles. Sure, it’s a chain — but it’s great.

    3) Barbette — Megadittos to all who mentioned this place. My favorite overall MPS restaurant.

    4) Hell’s Kitchen — For sheer novelty factor (wild rice porridge, eggs benedict of the day, buffalo sausage) it’s a great place to bring out-of-towners, and a lot of fun.

    5) Common Roots — They serve REAL BAGELS! Woooo! So overdue.

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