Irony Misses Edina Cell Phone Using Commuters

Irony = Edina mom conducts interview by phone while driving and comments on daughter’s friend biking wrong way on road while talking on cell phone:

Suburbs shift gears, make room for bikes

“It just scares me to death seeing kids go down Interlachen [Boulevard] on their bikes; it’s so narrow,” she said, talking on her cell phone from her car. “Oh … I just passed one of my daughter’s friends. She’s going the wrong way on the road on her bike, talking on her cell phone. It’s not a real bright thing to do.”

One thought on “Irony Misses Edina Cell Phone Using Commuters”

  1. Good article in the Strib. I like that it highlights Edina. Edina is the worst place to bike because none of the side roads connect. My office is in Edina and I often have to bike to the Edina Community Center which is about 3 miles north on Hwy 100 from my office. Biking there takes about 8 turns and an extra 1.5 miles. In contrast, biking from my home in Mpls to work actually is a shorter distance than driving the highways because Mpls and Richfield have great roads for biking. Edina needs to get on board.

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