Elderly Couple in Longfellow Neighborhood Gets Bilked

This is the saddest thing I’ve read in a long time. It happened within blocks of where I live but I had no idea it was going on.

Joy Powell from the StarTribune reports on the sentencing of a home improvement swindler:

[Rick] Gurewitz, 41, the owner of Home Update Company, bilked one elderly woman out of her entire inheritance. He charged her $789,000 for substandard and overpriced work on a century-old 600-square-foot Minneapolis house.

$789,000 in work on a home that was probably worth $175,000 at most? How does this happen?

Three experts have since estimated the total value of the Gurewitz work as ranging from $43,082 to $121,500. The Caverlys lived for more than two years with ripped-out walls, code violations and structural hazards — and no working bathroom.

No working bathroom for two years? This is insanity.

Was there a happy ending for the home owners after the guy who ripped them off was sentenced?

“Everything’s ruined,” Betty Caverly had told the Star Tribune before she died in December at age 82. Her husband, Gerald Caverly, 80, has Alzheimer’s disease and is now in a nursing home.

Gurewitz got 9 1/2 years for this. I hope he manages to turn himself into a different person by the time he’s 50.

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  1. It takes a truly devilish level of fuckery to be able to take advantage of the elderly and defraud them of their life earnings.

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