Domestic Partnerships & Alimony = Messy

Sean Larson takes a look at how messy things get when we’re forced to live in a “separate, but not exactly equal” world of domestic partnerships:

I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may keep the alimony.

When Ron Garber’s ex-wife started living with another woman, he made his alimony payments. When she took the other woman’s last name as her own, he continued making the payments. When she entered into a domestic partnership with the other woman, meant to carry the same benefits as marriage, Garber decided that he was probably done with the alimony. After all, California law states that alimony stops when the person receiving the payments gets remarried, so Garber felt that he was in the right.

How do you think things worked out for Ron? Sean gives the rest of the story on his site.

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