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Alan Webb Sets New American Mile Record

Kyle Cannon is reporting via his Gtalk status that a new American Mile Record has been set:

Kyle Cannon Reports

A little digging revealed that Alan Webb was the man behind this feat, running a 3:46.91 at race in Brasschaat, Belgium over the weekend.

Congratulations to Webb for breaking this 25 year old record.

4 thoughts on “Alan Webb Sets New American Mile Record”

  1. Nice work Alan!

    By the way, Ed, your blog is currently linked from the Post’s website. So you’ve probably got some random Loudoun County folks checking out your innermost thoughts. Keep sharing the love!

  2. Kinda cool getting some link love from the Washington Post, eh?

    Here’s why I chose to link to a paper based in DC for the story rather than one of our local dailies who don’t offer trackbacks, and did a marginal job covering the biggest sporting news of the weekend. The Pioneer Press gave this a bullet point!

  3. It is amazing how little coverage this got (or how little coverage he’s getting at all). He is the world leader right now in the 1500. He’s beaten some of the other top world 1500 meter runners this year. He’s just set a new American Record which stood for 25 years. And, if you’re not a runner dork like me that visits runner blogs, etc., you had to go to great lengths to happen across this information. Or, just subscribe to the Deets.

    Oh well – I guess there are just too many important other events in the sports world to report about (i.e., Michael Vick dog fighting, Barry Bonds hitting his 753rd home run (his 300th not including steroids HRs), the latest ultimate fighting arm breakage, or the latest NASCAR debate over Americans, if you call them that, driving Japanese made automobiles in an AMERICAN race circuit). I’ll continue to have to rely on runner blogs and Sunday afternoon ESPN 2 coverage for the latest on the oldest and purest form of competion in the world.

  4. Yeah, MSM sucks in sports just as much as for political and business news. So, be thankful for the internet, so you can at least get coverage like this. And if you are really lucky, the sport you love is (1) covered well by a hardcore hobbyist like Bruce Adelsmen’s or (2) is popular in Europe and you stumble onto a European website that covers it with an English version (or with enough video and results that English is not needed).

    In other words Kyle, isn’t it time you took up x-c skiing this winter? 😉

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