Will Facebook Kill the Class Reunion?

Jules at floobergeist raises an interesting question about whether Facebook could lead to the end of class reunions.

If you’re continually in touch with your old classmates and up to date on their lives, what’s to be gained from a formal reunion?

Facebook: The End of Class Reunions?

Could the advancement of Facebook also result in the demise of the high school reunion? Is there a need to see your high school facebook friends in one place after 20 years? Will high school reunions simply become a dreary coffee date for the people of your graduation class who *aren’t* on facebook?

I’ve addressed this before from the perspective of his this will effect Classmates.com’s business, which has largely been built on the concept of enabling reunions.

Personally, I don’t think Facebook or sites like it will kill reunions. In fact, it could do just the opposite since they’ll be easier to organize and people will have more to talk about since they know more about each other through Facebook profiles than they may have known about each other when they shared classrooms.

To me, this is similar to local blogger meet-ups. People who’ve been tracking each other’s lives through their blogs generally have a lot to talk about since they know what their fellow bloggers have in common with them before them get together.

*Photo by Velo Steve under CC.

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