The Freets was Robbed!

This week’s episode of Flak Radio includes the conclusion of the contest to name the nasally injected sexual enhancement drug currently known at PT-141.

The Freets came up with the perfect name for it: Spray & Lay

This week’s guest host, Andrea Myers, founder of the newly launched Reveille Magazine, voted for The Freets’ entry, but was shot down by Jim and Taylor who decided that one perfect name wasn’t as good as three less than perfect ones.

There are hanging chads all over this contest. I demand a recount!

7 thoughts on “The Freets was Robbed!”

  1. Without listening to the podcast, what were the other three less-than-perfect names?

    I’ll give it a fair chance: once I hear what the winning name is, I’ll objectively decide whether to request a recount.

    And for the record my complete entry was:
    Spray and Lay (Blow for Bros and Hos)

    Props to Andrea Myers!

  2. The only possible better name than Spray & Lay is Pump & Hump. I truly believe my additional subtitle of (Blow for Bros and Hos) pushes mine over the top.

    That trifect of names is horrible. Booooo Flak Radio.

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