4 thoughts on “Poll: Top Names for PT-141”

  1. In my defense – I did point out that I had one submission (name), I was just riffing on a theme when I expanded it to different markets. And I voted for myself above, just so I don’t have to be embarrassed about not getting any votes.

    I might be a mean drunk, which could make for an exciting show. Always a possibility.

  2. Too late for suggestions, but I’d suggest Vitamin S.E.X. That’s classier than Pump & Hump, which sounds like a gas station.

  3. I assume they *do* realize that PT-141 already has an ‘official’ name, right..?

    Palatin Technologies has named it ‘Bremelanotide’ and, since it’s being marketed as a medical treatment (likely requiring a prescription) for male erectile and female sexual arousal disorders, I doubt it will ever officially be named anything as salacious as any of the entries in that contest.

    i.e. cialis an viagra et al… clinical (sounding) names.

    That’s not to say Bremelanotide may not require a prescription.. or, like viagra, people will find a way around that anyway.

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