Richard Florida Moving to Toronto

Andrew Goodman picked up on a new story mentioning that Richard Florida, the author of Rise of the Creative Class (and Flight of the Creative Class) is taking a position at the Rotman School of Management:

TFlorida Heads North: Search Engine Enlightenment

It appears that Richard Florida, author of the well-known book Rise of the Creative Class, is heading for Toronto. Word has it he’ll be teaching at the Rotman School of Management and potentially involved with the MaRS Centre, an innovative research facility near the University of Toronto.

In the comments on that post, Florida is criticized for leaving Pittsburgh and Washington, DC behind. However, it sounds like Florida is simply following his own advice to me.

If you’re not familiar with Florida’s work, he’s a professor who’s analyzed why smart and creative people continue to move to certain cities. Why do the best and brightest in the Dakotas end up working and living in Minneapolis? Why do people from Iowa end up in Minneapolis or Chicago? Why do people from Nebraska end up in San Francisco even though it costs a fortune to live there? Because people who are smart and creative can live wherever they want.

One line from Rise of the Creative Class that often comes up is the “gay friendliness” of top-notch cities, like SFO, NYC, and MSP. This has caused some cities to think they need to be “more gay” or something like that. Changing the culture of a city sounds like an extremely challenging thing to do, but cities that can’t hold onto their best and brightest are going to have to change or die.

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