28th & Bloomington Ave S Has Issues

I’m a big fan of the SAFE emails I receive from the Minneapolis police department. It’s such an easy way to keep up on what’s going on in my part of the city.

There are certain areas that continually have issues in South Minneapolis. Areas of the Phillips Neighborhood lead the list, with plenty of action to the North of Lake Street and West of Hiawatha Ave.

Here is one recently altercation that made this week’s newsletter:

28th/Bloomington Av S: Victim suffered severe lacerations, skull fractures, broken bones after attacked by 2 carloads of suspects, possible Vatos Locos gang members; victim repeatedly beaten, hit with broken bottle when 2 cars pulled up to him on steet; victim has shaved head which he believes identified him as Surenos 13 gang member; victim denies gang affiliation

CID investigating

However, this type of thing isn’t on the rise. Here are some stats on citywide trends:

The MPLS total violent crime rate continues to be lower than last year to date by 14%.

MPLS has seen 26 homicides this year. This is a 26% decrease in homicide from 2006.

Robberies fell by 15% this week to date, bringing the year-to-date decrease to 19%.

Aggravated assaults are down by 11% in this year-to-date period.

Total property crimes have fallen by 9% for this week-to- date timeframe and are down by 5% from this time last year.

Burglary arrests are 26% higher than this week to date in 2006.

470 weapons have been recovered this year, 31 this week.

Relational mapping shows areas with highest crime density have fewest number of block clubs.

Of course, citywide trends aren’t much to hang onto when the crime is on your block.

The block club correlation mentioned is interesting. However, I think you could back up further to figure out why there aren’t more block clubs in high crime areas. I imagine you’d find things like low home ownership, low high school graduation rates, and high unemployment. That doesn’t sound like the block club crowd to me.

Compare that to a neighborhood like Cooper, which has high numbers of advanced degrees, former student council members, and high home ownership rates. I believe Cooper has some of the highest block club numbers in the city.

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