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5 thoughts on “Thank You, Rev. Reggie Longcrier”

  1. Rev. Longcrier, who is non-gay, is my pastor. As out lesbians, my wife and I attend his church. Rev. is an amazing man with amazing courage. I applaud his courage to take such a stand in posing his question. For those of you in the Hickory, NC area, I encourage you to visit Rev’s church and hear him for yourself!

  2. Thank you for your highly commendable demonstration of progressive humane and spiritual integrity Rev. Reggie Longcrier.

    Abundant and bright blessings to you always,

  3. Inspiring. I thought his was one of the best-worded questions of the debate.

  4. I am a gay white Roman Catholic from NYC. Tonight on the debate when Rev. Reggie started to speak, I heard a southern drall, a black minister, and the words “gay marriage” I said to myself here we go. You know what I was wrong, thank you Rev. for telling the world that God forgave murderers, rapist, tramps, non-believer’s, and robbers and yes even GAY”S too!!!!!!!!!!! To those who think that a serial killer can go to heaven but all gays rott in hell. Thank you Rev. Please forgive me for my own ignorance!!

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