Buying Organic vs. Local Food

I love the first sentence of this article from Terrapass: “We’ve all been there.” Huh? Who is the “we” to strains over organic vs. local foods in the grocery store?

Conservation tip: prioritize organic over local for a caprese salad | | TerraPass: Fight global warming, promote alternative energy

We’ve all been there. You missed the weekend farmer’s market and are standing at the supermarket salivating for a caprese salad trying to decide between locally-grown non-organic tomatoes and the organic tomatoes shipped from some far-off place. Which one do you grab?

Apparently, the energy used to transport food in bulk isn’t particularly high, so if carbon consumption is your #1 factor in picking groceries, this may be a big deal. However, there are other things that matter too, like freshness.

3 thoughts on “Buying Organic vs. Local Food”

  1. I don’t shop or cook enough to really care about this, but I think of it more in economic terms than food quality terms. And by economic terms I mean where my money goes, not how much am I spending.

    So if I were inclined to spend accordingly, I’d prioritize local over organic. The definition of organic is pretty loose anyway. As demonstrated by the fact that General Mills could make an “organic” breakfast cereal (anybody remember Sunrise?) that was essentially produced the same way all their other cereals are.

  2. Actually it was me — I wrote the article. We missed the farmer’s market, where I can get very fresh, very local and organic and found myself at Trader Joes pondering the decision….

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