Jackalope’s Almost Accident With a Water Jug

Jackalope – aka Mike N. in the comments on The Deets – is coaching with MDRA and contributing to MDRA Words of Wisdom. It turns out that it’s not so wise to try to buckle up the seat belt for the passenger seat after getting sick of listening to the seat belt reminder beeping incessantly . . . while driving:

The Smart Car and the Not-So-Smart Driver

The irony here is that I ended up buckling the seat belt, in the name of water safety, while I was driving, which is not so safe. By the time I had the freaking seat belt secured, I was veering towards the center line and was close to driving like I was in England. But the stakes were pretty low. Lake Street is pretty quiet at 6:20 am on Saturday morning, so I had both directions of traffic open to me.

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