How to Find Legitimate Email in Your Gmail Spam Folder

Gmail’s spam filtering is pretty darn good, but it does grab the occasional
false-positive. That can be a drag, especially if you have thousands of emails
in your spam folder.

Here is a simple trick that should help you narrow down the field within your
spam folder by filtering it for terms spammers don’t generally use.

The search show below has two parts: The first [in:spam] narrows your gmail
search to just messages in your spam folder. The second part [ed] is a keyword
search of messages within that folder.?

Picture 9.png

In my case, I found that searching by first name filtered my spam folder from
8000+ messages down to around 80, and of those 80 around 8 were legitimate
messages. However, none of them were critical messages – they were simply things
like reminders that my family tree was growing.

Finding the right keyword can be tricky. And the first name trick may not work
if you have a email format.

Others searches worth trying are common user names you use.

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