Edina Housewife Poetry

A woman on MNSpeak went on a rant about how strange Minnesotans were earlier today (er, yesterday, and referred to Minnesotans at MNans), and included a rip on Edina housewives where she wondered:

3. Why Edina housewives talk so loudly? (Before you bristle, give this one a chance. they truly scream when they speak.);

Among the 265 and counting responses was an anonymous (but apparently knowledgeable) response stating:

I don’t know about their talking volume, and I don’t mean to generalize… but Edina housewives are, IMHO, the loudest screamers.
»» Submitted by MILF LOVER at 9:05 AM on July 5

This led to the formation of a new thread inspired by MILF LOVER to form a new local drink called The Edina Screamer.

Which led to the creation of this poem:

MNspeak.com – Nightshift: MnSpeak cocktail

“The Edina”

One shot tequila
One shot rum

pat her on the bum

some grapefruit juice
and seven up

mix it in a plastic cup

with ice
tell her she’s real nice

tell her you like her hair
tell her she’s light as air

get a sitter for the night
and turn off the lights

»» Submitted by sheila at 10:12 PM on July 5

I think the MNSpeak Happy Hour on Monday has brought the community closer together while further isolating Edina housewives.

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