Where to Buy (or NOT buy) a Door in Minneapolis

We’re currently in the market for a new door for our home, but haven’t really started shopping for them yet. But after reading about Ranty’s review of her ongoing challenges with the Home Depot at the Quarry, I think we can check one place off our list of potential sources:

WHERE IS MY #!$@$%*! DOOR?!?!?!?

I informed this person that I was quite upset about the tardiness of my door, that I was originally expecting it in 10 days per Josh, and that it was now even past the 28 day mark. I then asked to speak to a manager. The staff person told me to hold on, and they put the phone down somewhere without placing me on hold. They then proceeded to call to another employee and tell that employee about how I was complaining that my door was supposed to come quicker than it had, and didn’t I know it was a custom door???

After a few moments of listening to their exchange which was less than professional, the person picked up the phone again and asked me for my name and number so that “George” could call me. George has yet to call me, as of July 4. Furthermore, I have since learned that George is not a manager, rather the millwork expediter.

And I still have no door.

I’ve heard there is a great place in NE near, but I can’t remember if it was Siwek or Scherer Brothers off the top of my head. Have you ever shopped doors locally? Any strong opinions on where is worth going or avoiding?

5 thoughts on “Where to Buy (or NOT buy) a Door in Minneapolis”

  1. We’re in the door market as well. A back door to be specific. I was kind of hoping this post would have suggestions, not a solicitation for help.

    In retrospect, this is the most dissappointing post I’ve ever read on the Deets. I will tell all people from West Virginia, shopping for doors, to avoid this site.

  2. Turn that frown upside down, Mike. What happens when someone responds with good local intelligence. I’m soliciting advice that you’ll surely leech off of given a chance.

  3. The Freets too needs a door, also, as well. I see no door love in this post.

    So I have one suggestion: check out Hiawatha Lumber Company on 40th Street (you know, in Longfellow…). If you do, let us know what you find.

  4. Wow, some local door salesperson should step up and offer an after hours door buying seminar for Deets readers with wine. Red wine.

    BTW, Ranty has an update on her Home Depot experience.

  5. Oh, that is because Ranty ordered a ‘custom’ door and not a ‘customer’ door. I believe to get ahold of a customer door you have to bribe the custom door builder…which means the custom door builder sold her door to someone else who paid more.

    Her door will come in December when the bribing (layman’s term is ‘building’) season is over and they are bored enough to turn out the non-bribed doors.

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