Giving Birth via Twitter

This morning was the first time I’ve ever received a one-word Twitter message
with that said so much:

Marc Nathan of
in Houston spent this morning with his
at the hospital
while she gave birth to a
named Naomi

The Tweets started arriving around 6 hours ago, with one of the funniest coming
at approximately 6:30am:

There’s no
turning back now – our parents have been called about the labor and given a
one hour timeframe

That’s right. Marc’s Twitter friends knew that his wife was in labor
his parents
. I imagine this is because he didn’t want to wake them before
they would be in a position to do anything, but it’s still pretty funny from my
vantage point in Minneapolis. Did they make it in time?

After missing his 8am meeting, Marc decided to stop Twittering long enough to
phone calls to non-Twitter using friends
to spread the great news.

Here’s a screenshot of the Tweets from labor pains to recovery room:

Birth on Twitter

Congratulations to the Nathan’s and welcome to the world, Naomi.

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