Screw Delaware and West Virginia

According to Google Analytics, the two least cool states in the US of A are Delaware and West Virginia. Why? Because they’re the only states that didn’t visit The Deets in June:

Visits by State for The Deets

Delaware and Virginia: I hope you’re listening. You have no idea what you’re missing out on, but that’s probably because you’re not listening.

Minnesota obviously dominated the traffic to The Deets. Here are the top-5:

1. Minnesota
2. California
3. Florida
4. New York
5. Texas

The bottom five, which include DE & WV, are New Hampshire, Idaho, and South Dakota, with only one visitor each.

Size seems to matter, but what else may be in play here?

10 thoughts on “Screw Delaware and West Virginia”

  1. Hmm, that must be ‘The Other Mike M’…this is getting complicated.

    And I guess I’ll have to stop referring to Delawareans as Delaganders now that the Deets has the deets…but it is still West Virginaganders, right?

  2. Who is going to step for West Virginia?

    I just wanted to post a comment to increase the number of Mike’s commenting.

    -Mike N.
    Dare I say the OG Mike?

  3. As a Delawarean and previous West Virginian, I wish I too could play ignorant of a place known for 10,000 lakes. But, alas, I finished my four years in Northfield………

    Wow, memories.

  4. Mike Mahaffie told us to visit the Deets site because Delaware was underrepresented. I’m here even though you spell your last name incorrectly. I haven’t actually ever been to Minnesota, though I would like to someday to see the lighthouses on Lake Superior especially.

    Now at least it appears I have a place to go for the inside scoop on Minnesota.

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