Give the Blue Moon Cafe Some Love

The Bridge has a story about the effect E Lake St construction is having on local businesses. Some, apparently, are doing fine, while others are feeling more pain, including the Blue Moon:

Mixed emotions on East Lake Street

On the corner of 38th Avenue South and East Lake Street, postcards depict the demolition surrounding the Blue Moon Coffee Café. “Come see our exhibit of road construction equipment!,” they say, among other humorous invitations that make light of the construction that has taken a toll on business. For the first time in 13 years, the Blue Moon started losing thousands of dollars last spring, after the western segment construction began nearby, said owner Lisa Berg.

By June, sales were down as much as 30–40 percent. Although Berg is trying to stay optimistic, “Today, I’m not feeling positive about it,” she said, sitting on a bench in the sun-filled café. “I’m trying to think of the business as dormant.”

From what I gather, the convenience factors comes into play when it comes to coffee more than trips to the vet.

So, if you have a chance, give Blue Moon some love. It’s a great coffee shop, and the lines shouldn’t be pretty quick.

3 thoughts on “Give the Blue Moon Cafe Some Love”

  1. It’s a great coffee shop, and the lines shouldn’t be pretty quick.

    Should be quick, even?! I’ll probably stop by soon.

  2. Oh how sad. Thanks for letting us know. Blue Moon was the first coffee shop I reviewed on my site because it is such a special place. I will definitely stop by again soon.

  3. I’m reporting from Blue Moon now and it is nice to have a place with reliable wifi and decent tables with power outlets from which to use it. Strangely enough, even though it is GLBT-friendly and usually strong on the ‘L’, right now it is just nine guys staring into laptops. I don’t have enough gaydar to know about the G status, but I never worry about that here–I’ve been approached (in a ‘thank God a woman is willing to approach me’ way) by a few women while geeking out here, but never by a gay man…or if I was, I was way to oblivious to pick up on the signals.

    Anyway, I too encourage people to keep coming to the Blue Moon. The construction is only on Lake Street, and the traffic flow is really not that bad even with the construction. I typically ride my bike here and avoid Lake by using the either the River Road parkway or Greenway trail, and get here by coming up 39th, never touching Lake.

    Then, once inside, it is a uniquely comfortable place to hang out, study, or stare into your laptop writing responses to The Deets.

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