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iJustine's Lifecasting Setup

One question that Justine seems to receive with every fresh encounter she has while in iJustine mode is, “How does your setup work?” or some variation on that.

Perhaps this will help explain how one lifecasts these days.

First, she has a hat with a Logitech webcam bolted into the visor:

Justine's Webcam

The camera runs from her hat down into a purse she carries everywhere with her:

Justine Visits Minneapolis
Photo by Aaron Landry

And that purse holds a small Sony Vaio laptop with an oversized battery and an integrated Sprint EVDO card that’s pushing whatever the webcam sees and hears to the web.

The laptop is is configured to not go into hibernate or sleep mode when the lid is shut, so she can whip it out at any time to see what people are talking about in her chat room, and going in with a few comments of her own:

Aaron & Justine

In fact, she doesn’t even have to stop walking to see what’s going on. For example, I grabbed the video below on my Canon SD800 after Aaron Landry (guy with the camera in the video) received an SMS from a friend telling him that Justine’s video was stuttering on her site:

Click To Play

The laptop is surprisingly small and light and runs for an amazingly long time considering that it’s pushing and receiving data continuously over the EVDO connection.

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