En Route to Least Dangerous Game

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This is me heading down. Cedar Ave S in Minneapolis on my way to Matt’s Bar to lock in my 2nd win in Least Dangerous Game . It’s a little windy, and the Treo 700p video quality is marginal at best. I was in a hurry because I was supposed to be meeting up with Carly, Katie, & Kyle for a ride.

6 thoughts on “En Route to Least Dangerous Game”

  1. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get away from the apocalypse.

  2. The video is cool, but better without the audio. I think you are going to have to add subtitles for that audio track, because I didn’t catch a word you said.

    Or, you can make this the next least dangerous game, to have us provide our version of your audio to your video. The apocalypse is spoken for…hmm, so I’ll go with you are a domestic for a great cyclist, who has fallen and needs a pull back to the peleton, but he seems to be having trouble with motivation and maintaining your pace, so you are gently calling him out for being a tempermental wuss.

    Taking one for the team…but of course.

  3. I’d transcribe it or add subtitles if I could remember what I said. Something about cruising down Cedar Ave and the streets I was crossing.

  4. Sure, we can work with that…the apocalypse is likely to come from downtown, right?

    Or Leipheimer flats at Cedar and 38th on some broken beer bottle and he is moping about glass should sponsor his ass…no prob, we got it covered.

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