iPhone Line is Building Fast at the Mall of America

People came prepared for a long wait with their laptops, surfing the web for the latest updates on blogs, watching APPL stock, and talking about why they’ve taking time out of a beautiful Friday to spend it inside a mall, standing in line.

This is one of the last shots from the Apple store at the Mall of America before is went dark at 2pm local time.

Apple Store pre-iPhone Launch

By 3pm, the line had doubled over on itself:

iPhone Line at 3pm

Now, at 4pm, the 3rd row is forming, with 2 more hours to till launch.

A young girl yelled down from 1-story above, “What are you guys waiting for?” To which someone in line responded, “A cell phone.” Seriously? A cell phone? People don’t sit on the floor for a day for a cell phone.

An employee from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester decided to show up around 1pm to get in line. His current phone, pictured below, clearly ready for a replacement:

Time for an iPhone

and past out of contract, so life is good.

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