Ski Poles from Houston, TX?

When I think of Houston, I don’t think, “athletes.” Maybe it’s the polluted air, or their dominance of fattest city lists.

With that in mind, what kind of ski poles do you think they make in Houston, Texas?

Answer: Poles that hold liquor.

4 thoughts on “Ski Poles from Houston, TX?”

  1. Surely they caught onto the trick because the swing weight of the poles wasn’t quite right, eh?

  2. Speaking of skiing–maybe we should hold a x-c skiing class for your acquiantance and friends who grew up here having never skied–a kind of ‘Remedial X-C Skiing for Native Minnesotans’, which would be tailored specifically to their differing needs, as opposed to ‘Beginning X-C Skiing for Athletic Transplant Minnesotans’.

    For one thing, the native rosters would have to be secret, and the training location private and hidden from prying eyes to ensure the gap in their ‘true MN’ knowledge and upbringing would not be outted publically. No video or photos would be allowed, not even training video analysis.

    Contrasted, the transplants would want the names publically listed everywhere, and while the training location and video / photo limit would exist during actual training, plenty of before and after training photos would be required to ensure that all their friends and family would see they are integrating successfully into MN culture and meeting similarly active friends here.

    I think there are big bucks here…let’s develop this franchise and retire young so we can go on bike tours all summer. 😉

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