Where Do You Contribute the Most Content, and Why?

There are literally thousands of websites in existence today that allow you to sign up and contribute information. But, how do you decide which sites are worthy of your time?

This comes to mind after noticing tonight that I’ve rated over 400 movies on Netflix, yet not one movie review on Amazon.com. Yet both sites – and many more, such as IMDB – offer rating services for movies. In my case, Netflix was the first site that offered an immediate return on the information I contributed. Plus it has a social network where I can let my friends can see what I’ve rated.

I contribute to Wikipedia articles from time to time when I think I can add some value, but without the immediate return I receive from changes to my Netflix recommendations.

And I post comments on at least 100 unique blogs a month in order to join conversations that interest me. My reward here is making contacts with people online who share similar interests.

How do you decide which sites are worth contributing to? Do you seek an immediate or obvious return on your investment of time and knowledge or is implied reciprocity good enough?

My only hope is that someone finds this post worthy of a response. 🙂

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