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Top-10 Reasons to Live in Woodbury

Kyle claims he found this list of top-10 reasons to live in Woodbury in some
form of offline publication. I assume the commentary in parentheses is his.

  1. It feels like home.
  2. God’s goodness is here.
  3. It’s clean.
  4. Snowplowing and shopping (interest…didn’t know those go together…is this
    really a list of 11?)
  5. Us.
  6. Awesome cops. (Note: I actually got pulled over there and released…so
    n=1..these are the best cops!).
  7. Beautiful Landscaping.
  8. Our Mayor, Bill Hargis!
  9. Warm, friendly people (does this overlap with #5, “Us”? If so, I guess we’re
    back down to the Top 10 including the 2-for in #4).
  10. You never have to leave. (Note: this creeps me out….like…you never CAN

The Freets recommended republishing this on The Deets to see if any Deets
readers could come up with an 11th reason why Woodbury rocks. Well, have at it.

10 thoughts on “Top-10 Reasons to Live in Woodbury”

  1. The Freets goes negative. Big surprise there.

    I think you’re overlooking how diverse the restaurant offerings are in Woodbury:

    Italian: Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Ciatti’s
    Southern BBQ: Famous Dave’s
    Sports: Champp’s
    Mexican: Don Pablo’s
    Country: Old Country Buffet
    Irish: O’Malley’s Irish Pub
    International: Noodle’s
    Chinese: Leanne Chin
    American: Kwik Trip
    Jewish: Bruegger’s Bagels
    Neighborhood: Applebee’s

  2. Ummm… uhhhh… I got nothing. But then, I try to avoid Woodbury all together, so mine is not an informed opinion.

    Oh, wait, they do have that Eddie Bauer outlet that is only slightly closer to my home than the one in Albertville.

  3. Hmm, as a former resident, how about–
    11) Come here before urban sprawl turns it into Richfield.
    11) More franchises than Maple Grove (accurate as of 06/26/07 17:10.35…36…37…38).
    11) Visit the home of the last remaining operating dairy farm in Washington County…before it is developed into a townhouse-museum mall.
    …okay, I’m bored with thinking about Woodbury now. I moved there with my growing family, and almost immediately regretted it as the population doubled in about 3 years and it showed. When I get my kids to go out for a meal, we invariably end up looking in St. Paul, because virtually everything else is a chain like Applebees, et al, and I want to show my kids how to live in a real city, not a suburban franchise.

  4. The Freets’ comment wasn’t negative. In Woodbury, you have the Freetsdom to choose from many brand-name restaurants that serve white people versions of food from around the globe. And I like that.

    See, positive.

  5. As someone who grew up in woodbury and only goes back when I am forced to visit family I like to add a few things:

    11) complete lack of urban planning makes finding anything a wonderful challenge! make a game of it!
    12) every shop requires you to get into your car to drive over to it! Which makes sure you are warm and comfy in the winter.
    13) Those electrical towers on valley creek and 494 bring a wonderful sparkle to the night sky. Who can resist!
    14) overbuilding has caused the flood plain to shift causing spectacular and unexpected flooding into people’s homes. Which keeps life interesting!
    15) lack of independently owned resteraunts keeps you from having to think and try new things. That could be stressful and we couldn’t have that.

  6. As a Stillwater resident, I enjoy reading in the local fishwrap at least one reference per week from Stillwater and/or Lake Elmo City Council meetings about someone clamoring, “No more beige townhouses or chain-stores, we don’t want to be another Woodbury!”

  7. If Stillwater and Lake Elmo don’t want to be another Woodbury, who does Woodbury look down to? Who’s “We don’t want to be another ________!” for them?

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