Proposed Bike Bridge Subject of Meeting Tonight

Here is the agenda for tonight’s Longfellow Community’s Environment & Transportation committee. Notice that it includes time devoted to discussing the proposed bike bridge at 8pm:

Longfellow Community Council

Environment and Transportation Committee Agenda

Hiawatha School Park, 4305 E 42nd Street

June 26, 2007

7:00 Welcome and Introductions

7:05 Approve May’s minutes, select timekeeper and note taker

7:10 27th Avenue S Reconstruction Project Discussion

People invited:

9th Ward Council Member Gary Schiff

12th Ward Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy

Public Works Project Engineer Mersinger

and other appropriate City Staff

8:00 Proposed Mississippi River Pedestrian Bridge Hennepin County
Project Discussion

Meeting Evaluation and Adjourn by 9:00

Coming up:

July E & T meeting at Minnehaha Community Garden

RoofBloom Project in Longfellow this summer

Green Roof Workshop

July 28st from 10-12 at East Lake Library

For those who haven’t been to a meeting like this before, they’re relatively informal with cookies.

If you have strong feelings about the proposed bridge, want to figure out what’s happening with the strange intersection near the post office on Minnehaha, or like cookies, swing on down.

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