How to Claim Your Flickr Account on Technorati

I explained the other day how you can
your Twitter account on Technorati, giving you an easy way to track who’s
linking to your Tweets. It turns out the same thing can be done with your Flickr
account, allowing you to track who’s blogging about your photos.

Here is how you do it.

1. Click the
Your Blog” link on the Technorati homepage.

2. Enter your Flickr Photo page (example):

3. Choose Post Claim

Use Post Claim Option

4. Grab just the URL of the post claim URL and add that to the description of
one of your most recent photos. For example, if it said you should post Technorati

Technorati Claim Code
(Grab the URL from here.)

This doesn't seem to work

(This doesn’t work for me.)

Just grab the URL:

Edit Description
(Just the claim URL, like this.)
out why Ben was sad here.)

and post that to a recent photo’s description on Flickr.

Additional copy can be in the description field too, as long as it doesn’t
interfere with the hyperlink.

5. Once you’ve posted your Flickr photo, finish the confirmation process on

Blog Claimed

6. You can remove the claim code from the photo once you’re reached the above
confirmation message on Technorati.

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