This Blog is Rated PG

Apparently, this blog is rated PG due to 6 mentions of “ass” and one of “fart.” Surely, I’ve said “fart” more than once, so that’s probably just counting what it found on the homepage.

Maybe I’ve jumped to PG-13 after this post?

3 thoughts on “This Blog is Rated PG”

  1. Hey Deets, you looking to bump this fucker up to an ‘R’ rating, shit man, we can do it; but if you are happy with PG-13, we can keep that effer right where it is, no crap man, we’re with you; but if you are going for the straight PG, it would be tough, but I imagine we could clean up our *expletive deleted* act, no dumping allowed here; but, I’m thinking you would have to put in some serious moderation on us commentators first…and get Carly to preview your posts. 😉

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