Battelle Reaching "Google Saturation Point?"

Is it a bad sign when John Battelle, the man who wrote the book on Google, the man who received unprecedented access to all things Google while writing his book, is now saying that he may have reached his, “Google saturation point?”

Just Asking…

It’s not that I don’t trust Google, it’s not that I don’t like the applications, it’s that I’m worried they might fall to some ill use, out of the control of the current brand as I’ve come to understand it today. Or perhaps it’s deeper than that – I simply can’t let too much of my online life run through any one control point, regardless of who it is.

At what point does convenience flip over to privacy concerns? Is this simply a case of growing pains as people, like Battelle, transition from desktop to web based computing?

In my opinion, web based computing is here to stay so documents, spreadsheets, presentations, accounting applications, and project management solutions will have to reside with somewhere. Is that’s the case, should they reside with an extraordinarily financially healthy company like Google, or with the next strapped for cash web start-up? Who has more to lose by violating your privacy?

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