Croatia’s Macaca Incident

Croatia’s presidential election has spilled onto YouTube with video slip-ups from candidates influencing the race:

YouTube and Croatia

It appears America isn’t the only country in which YouTube is playing a prominent role on the political stage.

Recent videos have shown slips by leading Croatian politicians. Interior Minister Ivica Kirin of the ruling HDZ party called YouTube “Yubito,” which quickly appeared on T-shirts and had the nation in laughs.

It sounds like Milanovic has stolen a line from Alberto Gonzales:

Zoran Milanovic, leader of the opposing Social Democrat Party, got his share of abuse after answering several questions on a popular talk show with a simple “I have no idea.” Video clips coining him Zoran ‘No Idea” Milanovic appeared on YouTube the next day.

One of our servers in Dubrovnik ripped on “stupid Americans” who say stuff to her like, “Do you have computers?” Well, duh, haven’t you seen the cyber cafes on every block? It turns out Croatians used computers just like we do: to make fun of each other.

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