Fake Steve Jobs Blew It June 16, 2007 at 8:46pm

Fake Steve Jobs is one of the funniest blogs in the Interwebs. The writer behind it consistently comes up with hilarious behind the scenes peaks at what the real Steve Jobs may or may not be thinking throughout the day, ranging from conversations with Bono, conducting gravity boot meetings with Guy Kawasaski over new environmental policies for Apple, or Monday morning quarterbacking his public appearances.

However, Fake Steve blew it at 8:48pm on June 16, 2007 when he switched his blog’s RSS feed from a full feed to truncated.

Back in the good old days, RSS readers could read Fake Steve’s brilliant fake insights about the man behind Apple, like this:

The Good Old Days of Fake Steve

But then something changed. Maybe it was caused by getting too close to Bill G at the D Conference? In the end, it doesn’t really matter why. The thing is, Fake Steve started treating his real readers like Vista by publishing a truncated blog feed. Compare the content rich post above to this truncated nothingness:

Fake Steve Jobs' Truncated Blog Posts

Seriously, Fake Steve, you can do better. Is this some lame attempt to drive more traffic to your CafePress store?

How is a fan of Fake Steve supposed to take this abuse? Are we supposed to find time in our day to click to read something we should be able enjoy and share from our RSS readers?

I think it’s time for another meeting with Guy where he can explain to you how he became a Technorati Top-100 blogger without truncating his feed. See:

Guy Kawasaki's Non-Truncated Feed

Thanks for your fake time, Fake Steve. Now go uncheck that box you checked in Blogger.


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