Celebrate Hybrid Pride

I’m pretty sure Shukie likes her Honda Insight:

$28.54 to fill up the Insight – good for 550 miles. Suck it, Hummer drivers!

Captain Capitalism breaks down how much we spend on average for gas: 2.4%. That figure is on the rise, but lower than it’s historical average. It hasn’t been that high since the mid-80’s with the exception of the last time a Bush started a war in Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Hybrid Pride”

  1. Well, I filled up the Prius yesterday, $28.15 at $2.86/gallon after driving 504 miles at about 50 mpg. Being over my out-of-town vacation, it had been a full month since I had last filled the tank, which felt good…but I’m most proud of the miles I’m putting on my bike–that’s the full effect.

    So, I feel like I took the shaft outta my *bottom* and placed it back where it belongs–sit on that Exxon-Mobil. 😉

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