New Deets Feature: My Netflix Recommendations

I’m a big fan of Netflix for movie rentals, but sometimes I question their recommendations. So, I figure if I share what Netflix says is right for me with all of you, I’ll get some feedback on what’s worth adding to my queue and what’s worth passing on. The Wisdom of Crowds at work – or something like that.

So, if you look at the left column of, you’ll see a new section called “Netflix Recs 4 Me” which lists the 10 latest recommendations Netflix has suggested for me based on my previous watched, ratings, current queue, age, sex, blood type, and special sauce.

Here are the top-10 recommendations from Netflix for me as of this writing:

* Frank Zappa: Apostrophe / Over-Nite Sensation
* Six Feet Under – The Complete Series Gift Set
* Sami Swoi NTSC “Our Folks”
* Amar Te Duele
* CoSM the Movie – Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
* Who Killed the Electric Car?
* Hacking Democracy
* Train Man : Densha Otoko
* Weeds – Season 1 [Blu-ray]
* Nine Inch Nails – Live – Beside You in Time

I can tell you right away that Frank Zappa and Nine Inch Nails can go, since I NEVER rent music related content.

Any thoughts on the remaining 8?

BTW, if you’re interested in adding this to your blog, I built the feed using Yahoo Pipes. You can find it here and customize it by simply adding your Netflix ID in the form (explained at Y! Pipes).

2 thoughts on “New Deets Feature: My Netflix Recommendations”

  1. Six Feet Under – watch the first disc and see if it sticks, it’s a really good show with the best series finale ever.

    Weeds, good not great.

    Who Killed the Electric Car? – yes, it’s worth it. Just makes you more educated.

  2. J, are you sure you’re qualified to make those recommendations?

    Strangely, I already have Weeds in my Q, but the normal DVD version rather than the Blu-Ray. I don’t have a Blu-Ray, which seems like something Netflix would know since I’ve never rented a Blue-Ray format flick.

    I’ll give 6-ft under a try using Watch Now.

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