And he draws the foul: Mark Cuban’s Take

Freakonomics’ co-writer, Stephen J. Dubner, published an interesting 2-part interview with Mark Cuban where Cuban gave his take on the flagrant foul flopping we see in today’s NBA:

Mark Cuban on Flopping, the Salary Cap, and the True Secret to Success

Q: Do you think that flopping to draw fouls is becoming a problem in the NBA?

A: Yes. We handle it backwards. We reward the defender who falls down. Instead, proof of being in position to defend should be the result of the defender who is able to stay on his feet. It’s rare in football that a defender is pancaked with a block, yet every time there is contact with a ball handler [in the NBA], defenders act like they have been pancaked by Orlando Pace. Instead we should reward staying on your feet as a reflection that the defender has beaten the ball handler to a spot on the court.

Frankly, it’s nowhere near as bad in the NBA as it is in professional soccer, but Cuban’s point is valid. If you truly have position, you should be able to hold your ground.

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