Dean Barkley to Take on Bachmann?

Minnesota Campaign Report has an interesting analysis of what a Barkley / Bachman race could look like.

Could an Independent Win in the 6th? Barkley Might Challenge Bachmann

“A number of Democrats have approached me,” said Barkley, who was appointed by to the U.S. Senate in 2002 after the death of Paul Wellstone. “That district is tailor-made for an independent. Jesse Ventura did very well there. A well-financed independent in a two-way race would have a good chance.”

Barkley added that he would not run as a DFLer, but might run as an Independence Party candidate if the DFL decided not to field a candidate. “In a three-way race, I think Michele Bachmann probably wins. I’m not interested in running just to run — I’ve done that three times — but if I thought I had a chance to go back to the ‘evil empire’ and fight the special interests, I would consider that. So I’ll continue to meet with them, and I am thinking about it.”

I can see the lawn signs now: “She’s Crazy. Vote Barkley.”

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